How to Withdraw New No Deposit Bonuses


With the no deposit online casino industry experiencing a massive boom in both popularity and market growth, competition between casinos is bigger than it ever was. And since the sites mostly offer the same products and experiences, they have to use some eccentric ways to get their names out there and attract players.

Some casinos give out extravagant match bonuses, while others advertise free rounds on popular slots for new players. The standout offers are however the no deposit bonuses, which basically allow players to sample different games and win real money without needing to risk their hard-earned cash. Indeed, some players even go on to build their gambling bankrolls entirely off the winnings they make from these free play or free spins bonuses.

Now, withdrawing winnings from no deposit bonuses is admittedly a complex and often very expensive endeavor - but not impossible. If you're looking to try out some free play bets, there are a few essential things you need to keep in mind before taking the run.

It's Not "Free Money"

Ever heard of the saying: 'the house always wins'?

Forget all the catchy phrases and marketing jargon used to promote the latest no deposit promotions as some sort of 'free' money. If they were indeed free, no online casino would be offering them as they would have all gone bankrupt a long time ago.

That however does not mean that free bonuses are worthless. It just means that you need to pay more attention to the casino's rules, particularly the wagering requirements and withdrawal policy, before accepting any deposit.

No Deposit Wagering Requirements

Also known as rollover or playthrough terms, wagering requirements are typically the number of times you need to wager the amount (including winnings) before you can claim your bonus winnings. And while they are present in almost all types of casino bonuses, playthrough terms are especially strict for new no deposit bonuses for obvious reasons.

On average, playthrough requirements range from 20X to over 99X, depending on the casino or bonus amount. It is highly unlikely that you'll find any free play bonus with a wagering requirement of 15x or lower unless the bonus is just a few pennies.

BUT, as mentioned earlier, it is still very possible to withdraw earnings from these bonuses even when the terms are restrictive. Here's how:

Play The Allowed No Deposit Games


Casino games fall into different categories and therefore have varying contributions to the wagering requirements. For instance, a casino may include only one slot, or a few slots at the maximum, to the rollover basket, which means you get zero points when you play other games. And where multiple slots are allowed, their percentage point contribution to the playthrough requirement may vary to great extents.

Of course, most casinos won't tell you all these - at least not directly.

As such, you need to seek out the Terms and Conditions of every bonus you claim and thoroughly read every word of it, paying particular attention to the sections on playthrough requirement and the contributions of various games to it. Then, focus on the game(s) with the highest contribution and look for strategies, tips, and advice on how to win that particular game. Avoid emotional spins at all costs. The idea is to play, win, play, win, play...and so forth until you hit the magic number. You cant do this without a logical and effective strategy.

In summary, you only need to read and understand the rules and be a half-decent player to withdraw the latest no deposit bonuses. While at it, you may want to avoid claiming two bonuses simultaneously as in most cases, it voids your right to cash out on either.